Etsy Is My Kryptonite: The Object Enthusiast

Ceramics inspiration

You guys! I'm so sorry for my absence last week! Let's just say that a car accident, food poisoning, and relentless 110 degree heat put everything else on hold for me. (No worries, I'm safe and sound.) Now I'm back in action and so excited to share the work of The Object Enthusiast! Based in Omaha, founder Emily Reinhardt crafts objets that go straight to the heart of my weakness for ceramics.

Handmade ceramics

Everything about these creations enamors me. The shapes are delicate yet sturdy. They have a chubbiness that makes me want to pinch them on the cheek (you know, if vases had cheeks..). The textures range from speckled to mottled to downright warped, giving each item unique personality. And the occasional touches of metallic lend an air of earthy glamour that I simply can't resist.

Modern organic ceramics

Pieces by The Object Enthusiast are the sort of gems that I envision slowly collecting, one by one, until my shelves overflow with mix-and-match handmade goodness. They're also the type of thing I purchase as a gift—for birthdays, weddings, engagements—and then end up keeping myself because I'm loathe to part with them. I think that makes me the crazy cat lady of ceramics, a title I'm proud to hold!

P.S. Emily also has a really lovely blog and Instagram feed!

  • Helen

    So glad you’re okay now, Anne! Just a lurker wanting you to know you were missed. xx

  • emily reinhardt

    i freaking love the way you describe my objects! chubby, earthy glamour – i love it.
    thanks again. sorry to hear about your week last week!

  • stephanie @BabaSouk

    She’s my fave! :)