Nate Berkus Interview + $150 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Nate berkus apartment

Raise your hand if you have a major crush on Nate Berkus. Yup, me too. 'Cause everything Nate does, from his interiors to his irresistible grin, has a signature warmth that just makes you want to hug him. Then there's his Nate Berkus for Target line, which consistently delivers unique yet versatile style for us design hounds on a budget. I'm dying over the Fall 2013 collection, which arrives on September 15. To celebrate the release, Nate answered a few of my burning questions—and at the end of this post you can enter to win a $150 Target gift card to shop Nate's latest pieces! 

Nate berkus style
AS: So many of the pieces in the new collection have such a great global feel to them—the influence from your travels shines through so beautifully. What are your tips for incorporating this global style into someone's existing decor that perhaps has a more traditional feel to it? NB: I’ve always believed that your home should tell your story, so even if you identify strongly with one particular style or look, there’s no reason why you can’t layer in pieces that are more modern or well-travelled. A well put together home is not about everything matching…it’s about finding things that you truly love and then, because you love something, you find a place for it.

Nate berkus hollywood home

AS: With seasonal updates—transitioning your home from summer to fall—it's not practical or economical to swap everything. What should we focus on when changing one or two things for maximum impact? NB: Throw pillows, floor rugs, or a piece of art. They are easy to change up and the result can be pretty impactful. One of the things I also like to do is move furniture around, like swapping out the side tables in my living room and using them as bedside tables in the bedroom instead. It’s a way to create a whole new look using pieces you already have. 

Nate berkus for target fall 2013

AS: The collection is comprised of mostly super-versatile blacks, whites, and metallics. For the color lovers out there, what shades are you especially loving right now that we can mix in with these great neutrals? NB: I’m such a fan of monochromatic color schemes right now. They just feel very elegant and fresh to me. For colors to layer in, I like dark grays, navy or deep greens. They add texture and richness to a space…and are perfect for the fall.  

Thank you Nate for talking with us today! To win a $150 Target gift card so you can shop Nate's Fall 2013 line, simply leave a comment here sharing one way you'll be switching things up for fall! Tweet this post (tag @NateBerkus and @citysage) then leave a separate comment here for an extra entry. I'll randomly select a winner one week from today. Shopping Guide: 1. Multi Taper Gold Candleholder 2. Classic Task Lamp 3. Black and Gold Pillow  5. Black and White Vase 6. Folding Metal Campaign Stool

  • Bri

    i’m moving in four weeks and i’m really excited to decorate our new home. i’m leaning towards keeping most things light and bright and working with textures instead of bright colors to make things pop!

  • Samantha Penney

    I plan to switch out my linens and couch pillows for the fall. I love Nate’s line at target

  • maureen

    I love to switch out throws for the change in seasons.

  • Samantha Penney

    retweeted and tagged!

  • heta s

    I will be changing pillow covers on my living room couch. I love the print on #3 and it will match with my decor. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Haley Y

    For fall, I’ll be adding more lighting around the house, as evenings get darker. Also hoping to edit the objects on my mantle and occasional tables.
    I am always tempted by these item at Target, I’d love to get some extra spending money to help me buy them! :)

  • Mami2jcn

    I will be switching things up with some new accent pillows.

  • Tiffany

    I always switch things up with a throw and pillows.

  • Tiffany
  • rachel

    I’m excited to decorate for fall in our new house – especially on our front porch. I’m envisioning all sorts of orange, red and yellow planters.

  • Kiersten

    I’m shopping for new throw pillows for fall! It’s my favorite season!

  • Megan

    I always switch out all the covers for my throw pillows – bed and couch. It makes such a huge difference! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Bree N

    Painting the master bedroom and changing the bedding to match.

  • Stephanie

    I’m moving this fall, so I am looking to get a fresh start. For the new season, I love to swap out my candles in favor of cozier, earthier scents. I also put out throw blankets in anticipation of the cold, and I am definitely in need of new ones. Looking forward to seeing what the collection has to offer.

  • Valerie J.

    Love it all! I will definitely add some cosy touch this fall, more throw blankets for starters!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Joanne

    Love Nate Berkus, and especially his line at Target! I am embracing grey and gold in my powder room re-do for fall, and also in my wardrobe. :-)

  • ashbash

    These pictures look so relaxing! I’ve had my eye on that tortoise shell for a while…maybe I’ll gussie up the guts to get it. My living room is very white, black, and red, and while I need to change from a white couch to a black one (thank you, niece and nephew), I want more color in my space, in a big way, but not too overwhelming. I’m thinking of painting a few of the major furniture pieces in bold colors, and then using accessories in either small pops of color or neutral to support them. It’ll be an ongoing process, so hopefully I’ll be happy with the outcome by Thanksgiving!

  • Waiting on Martha (@WaitingonMartha)

    Fabby post, doll! And great giveaway of course. Nate Berkus is so dang lovable! Especially loving “A well put together home is not about everything matching…it’s about finding things that you truly love and then, because you love something, you find a place for it.” #truth.
    Big hugs! xo

  • Kelly M

    First of all, great interview! In terms of switching it up for fall, we have a bunch of pastel and softer colored pillows on our couch and chairs at the moment and I would love to pick up several of Nate’s black and gold throw pillows to get the space a little closer to fall moods and take us through New Years!

  • Andrea

    Love that deep-blue ikat-esque bedding above!

  • Daria Carson-Dussan

    I’ll be adding new curtains in the bedroom, much too bright in our new place. Want to use Nate Berkus’s soft gray window panels from Target.

  • Lesley Myirck

    I’d love to switch up my sofa pillows this fall. I love mine, but have had them for a while. Looking for a change!

  • Lesley Myirck
  • Nicole P.

    Thanks for the great interview – I too am a big Nate Berkus fan! As the season changes I’ll be updating my house by draping some cozy throws on chairs throughout the space to encourage everyone to curl up and stay warm as winter approaches!

  • Jess Martin

    I’ll be trading my white flowy curtains out for a cozier, warmer look!

  • Chandler Adaway

    I’m definitely picking up Nate’s throw pillows to spruce up the couch this fall. I’m also SO into those new candle stick holders that will be perfect for dinner parties with a few of them lined up on the table. They just scream fall/happiness to me! Yummm. Now I’m craving pumpkin pie. :)

  • Caitlin

    i’m planning on painting some rooms and buying new curtains for the fall!

  • Terri Flowerchild

    I like to change out the pillow covers and the quilt on the back of the couch to fallish colors.

  • the homesteady

    My new idea for fall is to *simplify*, from my home decor to my wardrobe :)

  • Elena

    I will decorate my house with fall leaves and would get a new fall themed painting

  • ann

    hm… my usual strategy is to switch out the pillows,add throws,and bring in gold,wood and some yellow/orange accessories… Nate.. help me…

  • Roxanne

    I love the transition into fall. This year I am focusing on bringing the outdoors in with textures and the colors of fall. Golds, soft grey skies and green/gold foliage.

  • Emily K..

    I’d love to add a plush rug and some cozy blankets around the house for fall!

  • meredith

    i’ve ordered mustard yellow velvet fabric and am recovering two chairs in the living room. and i was actually inspired by nate pic with the choice in fabric! love him.

  • Kerry Doyle

    I’ve been working on updating my living room this year by adding more black, white, and natural wood tones… I’m still having trouble deciding what my accent color should be: warm red, teal, or mustard yellow (maybe all)?

  • Stephanie

    Ok you’re officially more amazeballs now. A Q+A w/ Nate? Be still my little heart. 😉
    I’ll be switching it up this fall by buying some new throw pillows (long overdue) as well as some more rich, earthy toned accents, hopefully from his collection. I’ve always admired everything from Nate Berkus for Target, but haven’t purchased yet (shame on me)! I think it’s about time I indulge and shake it up a little at home.

  • lauren fair

    love NB and target! we’ll be switching it up by getting a new awesome distressed iron tv cabinet + finally printing some travel photos in natural wooden frames :)

  • Marlene

    I’ll be heading to Target on September 15th!

  • Kristina M

    for fall, i will definitely be adding more candles into my decor scheme. flames for fall are the perfect backdrop!

  • Samantha

    new pictures and frames.

  • steph

    Switching sandals for boots. Shoes are my weakness…its a filipino thing :-)

  • Elizabeth Farina

    I’m looking to switch up my tween son’s room from brighter little boy colors to some sophisticated neutrals that will not look so “babyish” to him!

  • kelli

    darker colors. replacing some of my aqua decor for more season appropriate shades. can’t wait!

  • Isabelle

    Hoping to make some major changes, including white walls and a newly reupholstered grey couch!

  • amber

    For fall, I plan to get colorful throw pillows b/c right now living room all neutrals

  • Elizabeth Morris

    I’m already on board with the monochromatic interior and metallics, but I can’t wait to change out the covers on my throw pillows for richer, heavier fabrics. I also love the idea of layering in dark green for fall. It seems like such a natural transition for cooler months.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Natalie

    Finally decorating our place this fall, after living in our current apartment for 5 years!

  • Jill

    We put new art on the walls, but looking for some fun dining room table decor – headed to Target on the 15th!

  • Chrissy

    I am switching up for fall by buying new decorative pillows. I love the ones by Nate!

  • Catherine

    We just moved into a new home, so I am so excited to decorate for fall! Mums and pumpkin spice candles are two of my favorite ways to ring in the fall season.

  • Courtney K

    Time to cook with more pumpkin :)

  • Colleen Wilkins

    My home is decorated in nuetrals and I love the idea of layering in navy. I also love the idea of moving furniture from room to room. Thank you.

  • Jammie
  • Laura

    I am about to change pillow covers on my sofa, and I’m adding a runner in my kitchen.

  • kolpin

    i’m buying a heavier set of curtains for fall.

  • Maegan

    Adding a fiddle leaf tree to my living room to bring some green indoor for the winter

  • kolpin
  • Stefanie Gladden

    I’m hoping to redecorate my entire bedroom! it’s too boring and hasn’t been changed in years! I’d love new paint, new furniture, and new bedding! :)

  • Stefanie Gladden
  • Jessie C.

    I would switch pillow cases and curtains in the living room for fall.

  • Jessie C.
  • Katie G

    Like many previous commenters, I just moved. Get this: my new home does not have a bathtub! As a total tub-lover, a bathroom remodel is a must for my near future. I know the inimitable Nate Berkus will have more than a few things at Target that I could layer in to make the new room feel very luxurious and textured. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • robin

    New curtains for my living room and bedroom, plus changing the pillow covers those rooms- just for a start.

  • Ryan T

    More pillows! In fall then winter colors! Always makes a big impact.

  • Holly B

    We are finally putting some paint on our boring white walls soon! I think it will make it so much more cozy feeling in the fall and winter :)

  • Mary Withrow

    I always switch up by changing out pillows, tablecloth and the baskets I keep my plants in to something more festive for fall and possibly curtains with liners for fall if I find the right material!It truly changes the whole room easily and very inexpensive

  • Kate

    We don’t have a fireplace in our new home, so I’m looking to add lots of cozy throws and pillows to snuggle with on the couch this fall/winter!

  • kaywess

    I plan to research ways of incorporating seasonal, local natural elements (dried arrangements, plants, other natural elements like stones, etc)into my decor. I’ll try to make one or two “art” pieces using locally foraged items , as well as do some thrifting for a few items in wood or metal to highlight fall.

  • Anastasia

    To switch things up for this fall, we’re moving some furniture out and bringing some new furniture in (thanks to the in laws who didn’t like their table & chair :)) So we’ll be re-doing things in the living room!

  • Anastasia
  • Christine

    OMG….we have a new target opening right around the corner from us and I am so stupid excited. would love to win the gift card and spend it on Nate items!

  • Lisa Brown

    I am about to rearrange my room for the fall and change the bedding to something more festive for the season.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • Lindsay Lee

    We’re expecting our first baby this fall and I’m already in nesting mode. I’m ready to have our home beautiful and ready for our little guy!

  • Blessie Nelson

    I am going to go for a rustic, natural wooden feel for the fall in our home this year. I hope to replace pieces in our home with wooden platters, straw boxes and wooden art. Nate has many pieces of that nature which I would love to buy and redecorate our home!

  • Blessie Nelson
  • heta s
  • Lynn

    I’ll be switching out my throw pillows for fall. I love Nate’s line at Target and already own several things.

  • ellen casper

    I change out my throw pillows and candles for the fall.

  • ellen casper
  • Marie

    I’m updating my living room with a new custom sectional!

  • Vanessa

    My husband and I just moved into a new house, so that’s going to be a HUGE change for us. I’ve already started making changes to the house and I’m so happy!

  • Vanessa
  • Jewel at Eat.Drink.Shop.Love

    I’ve been keeping it simple by adding flowers and warm candles in my living room for fall.

  • Kristin

    Breaking out the throws and cozy blankets!

  • Emily

    Switching out throw pillows. I alway like to add a bit of gold this time of year.

  • Helena

    I just added some new end tables and am now searching for a warm-looking lamp for the den! Other than that, probably some great throw pillows and a wreath for the door would make my fall decorating complete.

  • Helena
  • CharityS

    I am adding a lot fall colors, paint, and new furniture to my home.

  • CharityS
  • meredith

    I’ll be switching up my bedroom art and decor!

  • meredith
  • Aubrey

    I am switching up for my fall for buying new throw pillows for my couch in warmer tones.

  • Holly L

    would love to add more metallic items for fall

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I’m decorating with fall colors, with throws and candles etc.

  • Colleen Boudreau
  • Calli

    I love fall wreaths on the door!

  • Celeste

    I want to add in more white space with gold accents!

  • Melanie

    I would create a cozier vibe with richer hues, sophisticated pillows and textured throws for evenings spent cuddled up on the sofa.

  • Kohana

    I have a collection of vintage Australian wool blankets. I look forward to pulling them out when the weather turns cooler. They drape over armchairs and couches, and look great folded at the end of each bed. Not only are they practical, but they take me back to each special find, while living in Australia with my young family.

  • Erika W.

    I plan to add some fall touches…some golds, oranges to the mix!

  • Erika W.
  • coral

    fall is all about layering in more textiles and cooking something delicious-smelling!

  • Jana

    Craving texture right now. Thinking I will add grass cloth to my hallway and foyer as well as hang seasonal art.

  • Susan Christy

    New pillows for the sofa, putting the comforter and blankets back on the bed and new thermal curtains.

  • Danielle T

    i love putting out fall decor and getting pumpkins for the front porch!

  • Anne B.

    I would freshen up my decor with some Nate Berkus items!

  • Natasha

    I am switching things up by adding some Fall flowers and new decorations!

  • Natasha
  • Whitney Lindeman

    We actually plan on doing a bit more seasonal decor this year. In the past, we’ve just left up the same stuff all year, but now that we live in a little bit nicer place we feel more grown up, haha!

  • Leann Lindeman

    I think I will make some pillows for fall.

  • Tabathia B

    I plan on adding some rugs indoors and outdoors, a few fake plants and some throw pillows
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Tabathia B
  • Cristina

    In the fall and winter I like to add another comforter to my bed to make it extra comfy and warm.

  • Lisa

    Darker nail polish and a new quilt!

  • Pat

    I need to switch up my decor! I love target for all the stylish but budget friendly finds!

  • Elizabeth

    Lots of dark paint- making our house into a cozy cave for fall hibernation!

  • Melanie

    Adding warmth we scented candles in autumn tones and fragrances.

  • Margaret
  • Margaret

    Hi (again)!
    I will be adding in an extra lamp in our family room later in the fall when light is less outside, as well, changing out our throw pillows. There will be uch more but this is the beginning. :-)

  • yang

    adding some new throws and some orange accents to go with the mustard

  • Ashley C

    For fall, I put on my favorite fall scents in my Scentsy! It doesn’t feel like autumn until it smells like it pumpkin and cinnamon :)

  • Shannon

    Swapping out the white drapes with heavier, darker tones.

  • Shannon
  • Alinda

    I always like to swap out my patterned throw pillows for solid velvet and and a set larger custom fur pillows.

  • Claire A.

    This fall I plan on changing things up in two ways,
    one: personally, by following the mantra “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” and two, with decor, by both lightening & cozy-ing things up with a pale grey throw blanket! Maybe some gold accessories too…

  • Hanna

    We always change out the curtains in the living room from a spring time print to red. Plus, I put pumpkins everywhere- I love them for fall!

  • Hanna
  • Jane

    To freshen up for fall I’ll be switching my bed sheets! And adding fall florals throughout the apartment to keep things pretty.

  • Melissa Moore

    I will be adding new rugs for my living room. Hopefully a large sisal rug with a wool or cotton patterned rug on top! The $150 spree would so help! I love Nate’s line!!

  • Jeri Knight

    I do have a major crush on Nate……I love everything about him, his looks, his style, etc.!!

  • Helen Noza

    I recently moved and have a beachy casual look ( summery) Heading to Target this morning for some Nate Accessories to warm up my space :)

  • Don

    I have always enjoyed his clean simple style of living..

  • Tara Cromer

    I am switching to cleaner shades like black, grey and white with pops of color thrown in. I love how minimalistic Nate’s decor is.

  • Megan S

    I will be switching our pillows out for sure. They are yellow and exceptionally Spring like!

  • Karen Horne

    Working on mine and the hubby’s bedroom now. Ive got my inspiration board going and several items from Nate’s line at target are on it. I love Nate!

  • Jennifer Stebbins

    I will be switching out throws, pillows and mantel decorations (: Thanks for the chance!

  • Betty Baez

    I plan to switch out pillows, frames and pictures and add some centerpieces

  • Debbie Schmeling

    I will be decorating with “things I love”…and that have meaning to our family. Thank you Nate for reminding me of this!

  • Michelle D

    You’re right Nate B. does give the best hugs. I almost died and went to heaven when I met him at his book signing. Gorgeous and a nice!!! I have to say I’m always excited to see Nate’s work. So when I found out he was launching a Target line October 21 of last year I marked it on my calendar and social media blasted it. I think it was only may or June that time. Ff to now, Im loving his Moroccan spread, elephant tea lights, layered candle holder, pillows…uhhhh EVERYTHING!!!! I can’t wait to pick them up at Target. It will surely make my bedroom cozy and layered for Fall. Now I can have sweet dreams with Nate! BTW, hubby loves all the Nate for Target stuff that I take h<3me and we find a perfect spot for them.

  • Tracy

    Looking for new curtains and pillows this fall! Love this fall ’13 line!

  • Rebecca (Becci) Moore

    I love Nate’ s design style…I watch his show on OWN whenever I get the opportunity!

  • Satinn Fields

    Didn’t think to change wall art and throw pillows. This link was helpful!

  • Tara Charles

    I am switching out my pillows on my couch. I have changed by mantle with more fall like items and bringing the outdoors in with pinecones and acorns and simple candles.

  • Richard

    I have been waiting for months for this new collection! I am redecorating my living room and would love to add some more of his pieces to add some pattern and texture.

  • Sharon Schwans

    I love his new line at Target and the pictures you showed of some cool new items! I would love to win the gift card so I can refresh this place. Thanks!!

  • Peggy McCoy

    Need to switch some accessories to give us a new look. Can’t wait to see what exciting ideas you have for us !

  • abbey

    I am a huge Autumn lover; from the flavors and scents, to all the fun design changes. I love the look of metallics. There is an orange wall in my living room that lends itself especially well to fall decorating. I bring in big, fluffy blankets in warm creams and browns. I also like to throw in a few subtle Halloween items; i.e. a 5″x5″ black accent pillow with a skull and crossbones on it that sits on a white midcentury inspired chair. This is my favorite season.

  • abbey

    I shared the link and tagged @NateBerkus and @citysage. My twitter handle is @liagibawood. 😀

  • bethany

    hopefully moving into a new home soon, and we’ll be adding in kilim pillows to bring warmer colors and textures for fall!

  • Nancy

    My first visit. Great post! Omg, your first 3 paragraphs sound like something I might have written. :)
    Know this is more than one thing, but, for me, the onset of Autumn means using candles even more often than I already do, warmer drapes, and snuggly blankies.

  • A

    I love the golden-accented decorations by Nate. That is what I want for fall!

  • Sclarimundo

    I love Nate’s idea of swapping side tables out for bedroom nightstands…had not thought of that in my own home before and can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Nate!

  • Elisabeth

    I will be bringing out fall candles and cozy throw blankets!

  • Elisabeth
  • Denise B.

    New pillows for that fall feel – candles in abundance of course and stopping off at local target to pick me up some Nate Berkus style!!!! Already have pieces in my house from last collection as well as your book “The Things That Matter”. I use for reference and inspiration all the time. :-) Miss seeing you every morning on TV!!!

  • Courtenay

    For Autumn and Winter I’ll add a wool blanket to the white comforter on my bed, to add texture color and coziness. One day I’ll knit a wool blanket for this purpose, but until then I’m looking for a new throw in a grey shade. I too like monochramatic color schemes with small pops of color here and there; it’s the palette that is the most relaxing for me, and matches the environment where I live (SF).

  • Staci

    Just saw Nate’s new line in Target. Loved them especially the pillow! I am refreshing our home now and starting with bedroom. Found great table linens to be used as curtains.

  • Amelia Arnold

    I just moved this past weekend so I would use this gift card to decorate my new living and dining room area. I love Nate Berkus’ designs at target!

  • Beth

    Summertime it’s all black and white, so for fall I’m bringing in golds, emerald and (can’t believe this is back, but I love it) some maroon.

  • Debbie Bailey

    I don’t tweet but adore Nate and his decorating philosophy!

  • Juliana

    I am in desperate need of a new bedding set, something in a navy, perfect for fall!

  • Courtney

    hubby and i bought our first house so i’m excited to really change things up this fall! i’m thinking neutral colors and lots of textures!

  • Yolanda

    I will be changing things up in my home by switching out bright accent pieces from Spring/Summer to warmer accent pieces for Fall/Winter.

  • Sarah

    I’d love to add some metallics and the awesome bold prints Nate’s line has!