Awesome New Site: Meet The American Edit!

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You guys. There's a new website in town. It's called The American Edit, and you need to check it out. Founded by fashion and homewares industry veteran Rita Mehta, it's 50% blog, 50% shopping resource, 100% smart and stylish. For anyone looking to purchase more American made goods without sacrificing aesthetics, the arrival of this resource is a total boon. And for anyone looking to understand why we should be fostering US manufacturing, it's a must-read.   

The american edit

But there's another (admittedly biased) reason I think you should take a peek at The American Edit. The foundational writing on the site, from the tagline and headers to the mission statement, is the work of yours truly! When Rita reached out to me last spring and asked if I'd be her copywriter, I jumped at the chance. Not only was the philosophy of her project something I truly believed in, she herself is a total delight to work with. I had a blast translating her concept and vision into concise, vivid words that would leave site visitors informed and impassioned.

You are what you wear

Of course it takes a village to bring something like this to life, and Rita assembled an incredible team. Megan of Maemae Paperie outdid herself on the branding and design, Zoe Rooney built a flawless framework, and Wing Na shot her usual gorgeous images. You can read more about what Rita is up to with The American Edit here. As you can probably tell, I'm tickled pink. Seeing my writing at work in support of such a valuable endeavour brings me endless joy!

  • rita

    so amazing to work with you! xx

  • Broderick | Sartorial Exposure

    This sounds like a great project, I’ll definitely check it out.