Fall Style Essential: The Big Sweater

Chunky sweaters for fall

Remember how Elaine in Seinfeld felt about the Big Salad? Her undying devotion never wavered and bordered even on the neurotic. I have the same level of commitment to the Big Sweater. The sort that clogs your drawer if you stuff in than two. The sort that makes you look more Pilsbury than Olivia Palermo. The sort that I'm beyond excited to pull out of storage now that cooler weather has arrived. 

The essential fall sweater

My passion for the Big Sweater began at an early age. In the third grade my mother would let me wear her clothes to school, and I'd pair her chunkiest knits with printed leggings and scrunch socks. It was a look that only the early 90's could have produced. This season I'm sporting my own sweaters worn loose over slim denim, or tucked into circle skirts when there's not too much bulk to contend with. 

Cable knits for fall

You can rock the Big Sweater in any color (I have a hunter green one of which I'm especially fond) but a cabled texture in classic ivory never goes out of fashion. I've even seen some with nifty details like zippers, leather trim, and cropped proportions. If you've never worn a Big Sweater for fear of looking like the Michelin Man, this is the year to try it, because there are so many good ones in stores right now! The Puffy Shirt, however? Let's leave that one on the small screen.

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  • http://semiweeklyeats.blogspot.com Jesse

    i had SO many big sweaters as a kid and even in high school and college. they were totally a staple. excited to get back into them!

  • http://www.thegirlwhoknows.com Stephanie

    Mmmm, cozy! So glad Fall is (almost) here. :)

  • http://www.SecretsofaBelle.com Hannah B.

    Sweater weather is the *best!* I have those 1 or 2 that are always my go-to, and I actually just pulled them out this morning. Hooray for Fall!