Giveaway: Prescription Glasses from Eyefly

Glasses style

True Story: Once I wore contact lenses to a work event and spoke with a colleague for a good five minutes before I realized that he had no idea who I was without my glasses. To say that they’re a signature part of my look is putting it mildly! But wearing the exact same pair day in and day out gets pretty old, pretty quickly, so I’m always looking for stylish but inexpensive frames to add to my repertoire. And the selection at Eyefly is…specs-tacular.

Black oversized glasses

So I’m really stoked that the team at Eyefly is offering one reader a pair of prescription glasses! The thing I like most about this site—in addition to the under-$100 pricing—is the huge range of colors and finishes on the frames. I never thought I’d be considering oversized purple cat eyes, but after the chance to try them on I’m thinking of taking the plunge. 

Oversized glasses

But enough about me. This post is all about you and the chance to win a pair for yourself! Maybe you need to replace your old stand-by frames, maybe you want a killer back-up pair for when you’re feeling playful, or maybe you want sunglasses instead? The choice is totally yours. Just enter below as many times as you like, and keep your fingers crossed! (Don’t keep your eyes crossed though…that could cause a headache.)

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Photo Credit: Meghan Klein of Floataway Studios. P.S. I’d like to extend a huge thank you for all the kind words of support I’ve received in the wake of last Friday’s personal post. You guys truly are incredible!

  • Leah Faye

    I have been trying to wear my glasses more! I got mine from bonlook and I love them. I had never heard of eyefly before! They have cute glasses!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • Lori

    Hope eye win!

  • alecia

    you my friend are adorable! I love those purple ones.

  • Erin Taylor

    Um yes please! I am in desperate need of some new specks! Mine are over 10 years old:)