Books for Thanksgiving Reading

Reading inspiration

In the chaos of cross-country travel, the conflicted emotions that surround large social gatherings, and the dischord over which cranberry sauce to serve, it's easy to forget that while Thanksgiving is indeed a time to enjoy the feast, it's also a chance for reflection. As author and physician Jan Chozen Bays writes, "Somehow, when we have too much, something happens to our sense of gratitude, and when we lose touch with gratitude, we become increasingly dissatisfied with our lives." So when I'm feeling caught in the hubbub, I find it helps to put down my fork and pick up a book. 

Best books for gratitude

A few of my favorite 'food for thought' reads'? Zen Under Fire illlustrates the power of love in faraway places, while Tattoos on the Heart mines our potential for compassion right here at home. Nip holiday excess in the bud with Mindful Eating or explore The Dance of Connection to prevent dinner table blow-ups. Finally, the poems of Mary Oliver always provide bite-sized revelations, and her latest volume Dog Songs is no exception. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and happy reading!

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