How to Shop Home Decor on Sale

Winter white decor

I generally wear my shopping blinders this time of year. It's so easy to get seduced by post-holiday discounts and make purchases you otherwise wouldn't have. But in the course of assembling today's Clementine Daily post on my favorite home items on sale, I did stumble across great savings on plenty of pieces worth welcoming into your home. In fact, I found more I had space to include over there, so I thought I'd share the overflow here!

Winter decor sale

The secret to scoring at the seasonal sales is to stick with quality basics in neutral hues. That way you avoid getting sucked in by trends you'll quickly tire of. Table linens, bedding, and kitchenware are especially good January stock-up categories. Several retailers also have pretty decent offers on larger stuff like furniture, making this a great chance to nab that sofa you've been eyeing. And when in doubt, ask yourself if you'd want it at full price. If the answer is no, then let it go!    

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