New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time in Bed!

Breakfast in bed

Happy 2014! Apologies for last week's impromptu absence; I took a few days away from the blog to drive west from Toronto to LA. As you might imagine, traveling 2500 miles by car gave me a lot of opportunity to reflect. And the timing couldn't have been better, because I arrived home with a fresh outlook and a carefully considered list of New Year's resolutions that center around expressing more love—to my friends and family, to my community, and to myself!

Lazy breakfast in bed

Resolution #1? Take better care of myself by making the most of my down time! This year is shaping up to be incredibly busy, and I'm going to need plenty of rest during my off hours. My type-A personality makes relaxation a challenge for me, so I'm providing myself with incentives like silky sheets and plump pillows (the ones here are incredibly soft organic cotton from Portico). 

Vintage bedroom

Breakfast in bed adds to the allure, and a lengthy backlist of trashy novels on my Kindle seals the deal. Instead of rushing around as I often do on weekends—do I really need to wake for a 7am yoga class when the studio also offers one at noon?—I'll be lounging like it's going out of style. But it won't be as easy as it sounds. Now, who's up for joining me in making lazy a compliment this year?

P.S. I'll continue to share my 2014 goals in the coming month, but in the meantime here are more give-yourself-a-break resolutions from me and the editors of Clementine Daily!