What’s On Your Summer Reading List?

Summer reading

Remember in school, as vacation approached, how the teacher would hand out a list of reading to be completed in preparation for the following year? Most kids groaned and grumbled, but for a bookworm like me, summer was a time to shine! By July 4 I'd have devoured the books question and moved onto a must-read compendium of my own making. And although my book-a-day habit is long behind me, I still make an effort to read regularly—so I'm stockpiling titles on my Kindle for the coming months.

Summer reading list

My most recent literary binge began with The Good Luck of Right Now, a touching and hilarious narrative by the author of The Silver Lining's Playbook. Then, thanks to author Gillian Flynn's evocative yet accessible writing style, I plowed through the much-buzzed-about suspense thriller Gone Girl. I've been told that Flynn's previous release Sharp Objects is even better, but it will have to wait until I finish The Light Between Oceans, an engaging family tale set in Australia in the 1920's. Also on my list? Unworthy: How to Stop Hating Yourself, because I can't resist a self-improvement project! Tell me, what have you read and loved lately? I'd appreciate your recommendations!

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  • http://mcaden1.blogspot.com denise

    GoldFinch on hold at the library along with Brain on Fire. I am behind in my reading and looking to catch up this summer. I like your suggestions!

  • http://bluemopheads.blogspot.com Maureen

    I’m taking “Life After Life” and rereading “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed author of “Wild,” which I highly recommend, to the beach tomorrow. Just for the record, I thought “Gone Girl” was much better than “Sharp Objects.”

  • http://allisonadventuresabroad.blogspot.hk allison

    I am a lifelong, inveterate bookworm as well! I still indulge in my book-a-day habit once in a while, though it feels crazy luxurious. I recently read and loved Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. I see The Goldfinch is in your images – I plowed right through that one too. I am currently in Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things and plan to read Colum McCann’s Transatlantic and Tom Spanbauer’s Faraway Places next.

  • http://www.psrememberthis.com/ kimberly

    i really liked “sharp objects” because i liked the main character. (which probably says a lot about me!) but gone girl is amazing too. i hope you enjoy both! definitely putting “how to stop hating yourself” on the list. i love self-help :)