The Power of Handwriting

Writing by hand

Today the New York Times ran an article on the the decrease of handwriting in our daily lives. Unfortunately—but not unsurprisingly—our propensity to type instead of write influences everything from information retention to idea generation. The piece focused mostly on the importance of handwriting for kids as they learn to read and solve problems, but we grown-ups feel the impact too.

Handwriting love

For my part, not only has my handwriting declined in its legibility, but using a pen and paper now makes me feel clumsy and downright dumb. My fingers stumble over grocery lists and birthday cards. I misspell words not because I'm accustomed to spellcheck but because my hands no longer have the muscle memory required to write as quickly as I think. It bugs me. A lot.

Stylish writing tools

So this morning I did an experiment. Rather than begin a new piece of writing on the computer—a guaranteed source of anxiety for me—I sat down to brainstorm with a legal pad and my trusty No. 2. Sure enough, after only five minutes of writing I found myself in a happy workflow with a full outline and an abundance of ideas to flesh out on my laptop. You can bet that the scritchity-scratch of pencil on paper will be a sound I enjoy a lot more often from now on! 

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  • Sally

    I’ve been handwriting a lot recently for design work – it’s so enjoyable! And definitely the best way to spark ideas and creativity!