End of Summer Beach Reads

For the love of books

On the beach, in the airport, or under a shady tree, the only thing that makes a vacation better is a book to go along with it. As for me, I've had such a busy summer with work that a long break hasn't been an option—making my daily retreats into an absorbing novel all the more critical to my sanity! My escape hatch of choice? Gotta be historical fiction. Whether it's a World War II romance or an epic 19th-century romp around the world, getting lost in a the rich landscape of the past is my ultimate indulgence.

Must read historical fiction

Here's what's kept me glued to the page well into the wee hours lately. Just last night I finished All the Light We Cannot See, and its heartbreaking beauty still reverberates through my mind. Orphan Train was a quick, entertaining read with an engaging parallel storyline. The Invention of Wings told a gripping, emotional, and incredibly enlightening tale of abolitionist America. For a fluffy piece of Revolutionary War drama, check out The Traitor's Wife. And finally, Heyday was released some years ago but it's still the historical novel against which I measure all others. Are you a historical fiction geek like I am? What are your faves? 

Images: Alice Gao Instagram

  • Pat Schneider

    There are the Hilary Mantel books in the Cromwell series but the best I’ve ever read is The Man on a Donkey by Prescott. It was described as such by Jonathan Yardley of The Washington Post and I have to agree. Also, for a love story that is true, Katherine by Seton. Hmmmm—I think I need to re-read them!

  • http://www.sophiesfavors.com Lindsay

    Thanks for these ideas! I’m always looking for good reads!