Happy Weekend!

I'm popping in quickly to wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and to let you know that I'll be taking next week away from the blog so I can meet my book deadline. I'm so utterly grateful to you all for sticking with me through this summer of spotty posting, and I can't wait for life to regain a semblance of normalcy so I can implement all the blog ideas I've had to set aside due to the demands of writing a book. Please wish me luck in my final push and in the meantime say hello on Instagram and Twitter, which I'll be using as outlets for the punchy energy that arises during my long hours at the computer. Thank you!

P.S. The song Sonsick by San Fermin has been on constant repeat while I've toiled away all summer. Got any recommendations for mixing up my workday playlist?

  • Jenny

    Robot koch – anything really but here with me and nitesky
    Bears den- when you break
    Efterklang – I recommend both the magic chairs album(very up beat)- modern drift, natural tune, full moon and the soft beating are stand outs
    And priamida – Sedna and monument but just a fantastic album!!
    Good luck

  • Christina

    Just wanted to let you know, I’m totally commiserating. You working on your book makes me feel so much better about working on my dissertation– I’m not alone!!
    Thank you very much and hope the writing is going well :)