A Last-Minute Party Makeup Tutorial

Easy party makeup tutorial

Here's a little secret. I suffer from a serious case of couch potato syndrome. Once the sun goes down it feels impossible to muster the energy to get myself primped, dressed, and out the door. So historically, New Year's Eve has been a non-starter for me. But this year I've been extended a can't-miss invitation, so I've decided to ring in 2015 wearing clothing other than my pajamas. I know I'll be glad once I'm out and about, but I've been dreading it nonetheless.

Quick and easy party makeup tutorial

I mentioned my party pooper tendencies to Erica of 1011 Makeup when we shot our festive updo hair tutorial earlier this month. Beauty genius that she is, Erica showed me a quick party makeup tutorial that makes the getting-ready process a snap. The whole thing rides on the concept that you don't have to start with a blank slate; you can layer a few key elements over whatever you're already wearing for no-brainer impact. The idea is so simple but to me the notion that I can add on top of existing makeup without looking like a synchronized swimmer was revolutionary.

Red lips makeup tutorial

Assume, for example, that you're wearing a neutral daytime canvas of foundation, mascara, and blush. Rather than wash it all off and start over, grab a shimmering champagne shadow, a black liquid liner pen, and a long-wear lip stain (Erica used Lime Crime lip stain here). First brush shadow all over your lower lid, concentrating more heavily on the outer corner of the eye. Then line upper lids and flick pen tip up at the end for an ever-so-slight cat eye. Finally, fill in lips with the stain for staying-power through lots of cocktails and kisses. Talk about minimal effort required to go from sofa to soiree!

Thanks to 1011 Makeup and Dana Grant Photography for helping me create this tutorial!

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