How to Make Lasting Change + A Life Coaching Giveaway!

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Are you in a rut? Sometimes life can seem like we're running in circles around everything from family and romantic relationships to our jobs and our health. If lately you feel more stuck than stellar, then you may want to consider working with a life coach to break down your goals and the obstacles you face, then get concrete direction, support, and accountability on the path towards success. I know it can sound airy-fairy: "Pay someone to help me do the things I should be able to do myself?" But the point is that we can't always create lasting change by ourselves—or we'd have done it already!—and that's where a life coach can help. 

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Just ask life coach Cynthia Beard of A Love Styled Life. Cynthia takes an abundance-oriented approach to coaching, founded in the belief that each of us can experience wealth, joy, and even fun in all areas of our lives. Yet our preconceptions about what we do or don't deserve can hold us back, leading us to self-sabotoge when we near our goals, or worse, never strive for them at all. (I've definitely been guilty of both at one time or another!) But how do we get out of our own way?

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Cynthia recommends the following exercise as a first step. Write down a clear description of your dream life, including the details of your career, relationships, financial situation, etc. Take 15 minutes to brainstorm, then narrow this picture down to the three words that most describe what you've envisioned. Now close your eyes and imagine the feelings that characterize this dream life. (Do you feel joyous? Silly? Free?) Write down the three words that capture those feelings. Start using all six words as decision-making factors. For instance, perhaps you've been dragging yourself to boot camp because that's how your BFF stays fit. But if your words are "free, joyous, and silly", you clearly need a more playful approach to exercise!

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If you're curious about giving life coaching a try, then today is your lucky day! Cynthia is offering one reader a spot in her Resolutions Masterclass, an intimate 12-week online group coaching program designed for women seeking clarity, confidence and transformation in 2015. The winner will also receive three hour-long personal coaching sessions. The Resolutions Masterclass is valued at $225, and the personal coaching at over $800! To enter just use the widget below, and get ready to start living each day to its fullest!

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