A Virtual Home Makeover

Craftsman style house

Oh hey! That's my house up there! Isn't she a charmer? She's a Craftsman style bungalow, typical of my east LA neighborhood, and I'm awfully fond of her despite her worse-for-wear appearance. And even though I rent, I'm lucky that my landlord is receptive to ideas for improvements. So I've been slowly sprucing up the interior with paint, new fixtures, and plenty of love. Thus far I've focused on the steps that I can take myself and tried my best to accept the features—like that green and orange color scheme!—that are beyond my control.

Virtual remodeler

But in a recent conversation my landlord mentioned that she'll be giving the exterior a makeover. Immediately my wheels started to turn. Does she mean just a touchup to the current palette? Or does she have something bigger in mind? Since a picture speaks a thousand words (I recently used inspiration images to convince her to let me redo the kitchen!), I uploaded a photo of the house to the Tapco Virtual Remodeler and played around with all the different colors and finishes. Craftsmans are known for their distinctive palettes, and I was able to find plenty of combos that feel sophisticated but still full of character. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if I show her some fresh options beyond orange and green, I'll soon be as proud of the outside of my home as I am of the inside!

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