Style Essential: Lipstick Red Accessories

Red accessories inspiration

When you were a kid, did you ever storm into a room where your parents were quietly minding their own business and announce with the maximum drama possible: “I’m BORED!”? Lately my fashion sensibility is that bratty, ennuied little girl. She remains stolidly unimpressed with this season’s trends (Off-the-shoulder peasant blouses? Really? Are we going to be stomping grapes?); and she’s peeved that we’re funneling our summer fun money towards travel and home decor rather than wardrobe updates.

Red accessories

Her childish displeasure rears its head most frequently when the time comes to get dressed each day. “This old thing again?” she whines with each prospective item I pull from the closet. “I’m so sick of wearing that! BARF!” And while instincts and parenting experts alike dictate that the best way to handle a tantruming child is not to give in to demands, my inner style compass kinda has a point. I have been falling back on the same-old same-olds for entirely too long.

Best red accessories

So just as a mother keeps a lollipop in her purse for public tantrum emergencies, I’ve got the sartorial equivalent up my sleeve: bright red accessories! From scarlet sneaks to crimson clutches, these classic and chic accents will quell even the fussiest of fashion sensibilities by punching up those blah basics. As a bonus, a red paisley bandana also happens to be one of this summer’s hottest trends! (Bandanas? Really? Are we going rodeoing?)

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