Soft Neutral Modern Decor

Soft modern interiors

As temperatures here in LA blaze past the 100 degree mark, I’m craving an escape to gentler climes. Not only does the heat bog me down, but the harsh light bouncing off baking asphalt makes going outside a squinty exercise indeed! So I’m finding myself especially drawn to the idea of pale modern neutrals that evoke a sense of peace and serenity—for the eyes and for the soul!

Soft modern interior design

Subtle and nuanced are the key words to getting this look. Shapes are simple and utilitarian, with rounded corners and gentle edges. Hues are faded and desaturated, as though dug from beneath desert sands after a century’s hiding. Textures range from brushed metallics and marble to bleached pine and untreated leather. And when it comes to style, anything goes! Vintage industrial mingles with refined rustic and Scandinavian modern, all in the interest of a luxe yet laid-back vibe.

Rose gold decor inspiration

Make it happen at home no matter what the weather outside! Suede and pickled oak soften up the right angles of an armchair. A pink porcelain pitcher serves up juice or water with rosy flair. A task lamp in white powdercoated steel gets grounded with a disc-shaped birch base, and a faux cement drum table does triple duty as an ottoman, an end table, or a plant stand. It’s a look that whispers minimalist spa chic, and it’s exactly the retreat we need from summer’s relentless glare!

Shopping Guide: 1. Suede Modern Chair 2. Pink Porcelain Pitcher 3. Triangle Print Pillow 4. Cement Drum Table 5. White Modern Task Lamp Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.