monochromatic modern desk styling via Anne Sage

Design Savvy + Modern Calendars for 2016

This past year I did something truly miraculous. I started tracking my schedule with a calendar! For most functioning humans this behavior is par for the course. Yet for me, all past attempts to form this habit have failed miserably. I’d invest in a day planner and use it with gusto for the first couple weeks, but once the novelty wore off I’d once again resort to storing everything in my head. As you can imagine, mix-ups and double-bookings occurred on the regular. Finally, though, the shame of seeming flaky and unprofessional surpassed the pain of getting organized. So I started entering all my appointments into Google calendar, a habit that I’ve maintained since the summer!

black and white wardrobe rack for modern organization
Now, with 2016 around the corner, I’m looking to upgrade to a more design savvy system with one of these modern calendars or planners. In previous years I’ve skipped buying one since I knew it would be more likely to collect dust than corral my to-do’s. The 2016 crop of calendars looks more stylish than ever, now that I know the sweet satisfaction of writing things down, crossing them off, and moving on to the next item. Let’s call this purchase my reward for being a grown-up at last!

the best modern 2016 calendars for getting organized in style! via Anne Sage

Shopping Guide: 1. Rifle Paper Co. Cities Calendar 2. 2016 Lunar Phases Calendar 3. 2016 At-A-Glance Planner 4. Iconic Make-A-Day Diary 5. Danish Modern Calendar Poster 6. ILA x Marjolein Delhaas 2016 Planner 7. Snug Studio Column Calendar Images: 1. 2