Cuba Travel Tips for Americans from Woodnote Photography

What’s on your travel agenda for the year? Amongst my friends, the hot topic is how to cross Cuba travel off the bucket list ASAP. The country is full of undiscovered gems, and now that the American embargo has been lifted, it’s only a matter of time before those gems become not-so-undiscovered. Although I have never been one to hop a plane on a whim, I do glean major inspiration from the globetrotting ways of my more adventurous pals. And the most intrepid of the bunch are Caroline and Jayden Lee of Woodnote photography, who toured Havana earlier this month. They returned home with a spring in their step, a zillion gorgeous photos on their memory cards, and a slew of useful Cuba travel tips for Americans!

Caroline and Jayden really are the best people I know to dispense travel advice. Not only do they have a seemingly unquenchable curiosity for the many wonders of the world—they visited all seven continents in 2014!—they have a spontaneous and open-minded approach to travel that sets them up to make the most of every trip. Head on over to their blog for their thoughts on traveling to Cuba as an American in 2016 (including the best flights and how to get a visa), to see the scads of stunning images, and to get the full scoop on the journey that Caroline says tops her list of all-time best life experiences!

Images: Woodnote Photography.