Modern Kitchen Decor with High Fashion Home

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that all week we’re telling the story behind the design and kitchen decor of my new studio space, aka Light Lab. But sometimes an Instagram post just doesn’t do justice to all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into sourcing and installing every little detail! Take our fab metallic stools, for example. Our designer Sarah Sherman Samuel had a clear vision for what she wanted—seating that was bold enough to hold its own but also that would let our intricate tile installation shine—yet we had the darndest time tracking it down. Designs for great 30″ bar stools abound, but counter stools, which are 24″ tall, are in much shorter supply. Add to that the fact that several of our picks were either sold out or had impossibly long lead times, and we were seriously tearing out our hair!

gold, black, and white kitchen decor via @citysage

And then Sarah remembered High Fashion Home. Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock, because this new-to-me design resource is a longtime fave of the editors of all the major shelter and lifestyle mags including Elle Decor, InStyle, and House Beautiful. Not only did they have exactly the gold counter stools we wanted, but they were able to get them to us in super short order. I’ve since become totally enamored with their entire selection of affordable modern interiors finds, which range from large items like upholstery and case goods all the way down to the smallest finishing touches. In the blink of an eye I rounded up this get-the-look for our modern black, white, and gold kitchen at Light Lab—and I barely scratched the surface of their selection to do so. Head on over to the High Fashion Home site but be warned: You may get lost down this deep design-lover’s rabbit hole and never want to return!

Shopping Guide: 1. Black and White Salad Servers 2. Matte Black Vases 3. Gold Counter Stool 4. Brass Hand Sculpture 5. Polka Dot Serving Bowl 6. White and Gold Candle Holders Images: 1. Sarah Sherman Samuel 2. Caroline Lee