Simple Modern Home Goods from Everything Ren

The online world of handmade and independent decor is an ever-growing one! While it certainly makes for a diverse landscape, the field can sometimes feel so vast that a quick trip to Target seems easier than hours spent combing the web for gems. That’s why it helps to know a few pickers whose great patience equals their great taste—like the proprietors of Everything Ren, a charming and tightly curated online boutique that specializes in fresh, simple, modern home goods. They’re more than happy to do the heavy lifting of culling the field so that we can do the heavy lifting of shopping!


ipad dock for cooking doubles as a spoon holder! by stak ceramics via @citysage

Everything Ren was founded in 2012 by Pittsburgh-based Julia Reynolds, who holds a place in her heart for independent makers and the creations that emerge from their talented hands. However it’s not just her heart that she puts to use when she stocks her virtual shelves, but also her keen eye for color and pattern, texture and shape. The result is line-up that includes everything from letterpress notecards and limited-edition art prints to utilitarian kitchenwares, playful yet minimalist throw pillows, and delicate gold jewelry. There’s not a bad apple in the bunch, just fresh and sweet design finds to make your day!

simple modern home goods via @citysage

Shopping Guide: 1. Patterned Serving Trays 2. Dipped Wooden Spoons 3. Graphic Print Pillow 4. Triangle Print Napkins 5. Handmade Wood Cutting Board 6. Handmade Gold Earrings