Edgy Organic Modern Jewelry from Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Jewelry is probably one of the biggest holes in my wardrobe. Other than my engagement ring, there’s nothing I wear every day—and I’m always forgetting to pull from my paltry collection when I’m getting dressed in the morning. What it largely comes down to is how huge and overwhelming the jewelry landscape is. There are so many different designers and makers in all different styles, it takes a lot to cut through the clutter and catch my notice. But that’s exactly what Sarah Mulder Jewelry has done. Her edgy-meets-organic modern jewelry designs have grabbed my attention indeed!

layered jewelry with organic modern edge // anne sage

Sarah describes her work as “jewelry for city dwellers with bohemian hearts”, and it’s exactly that juxtaposition that has me smitten. Her pieces are hard-meets-soft, yesterday-meets-tomorrow. The combined influence of her fine arts background and passion for classical history is present in the hammered, handmade sensibility and fluid shapes of the collection, while an everyday wearability gives the line a contemporary appeal. Each ring, necklace, and bracelet is ultra special no matter what you’re wearing, be it jeans and a tee or an evening gown. If I had these baubles in my jewelry box, there’s no way I’d forget to put them on!

modern organic edgy jewelry // anne sage

Shopping Guide: 1. Hammered Gold I.D. Bracelet 2. Faceted Laboradorite Pendant Earrings 3. Hammered Silver Knuckle Ring 4. Hammered Gold Drop Earrings 5. Brass Stacked Medallion Necklace 6. Medallion Bracelet Images: Hennygraphy