I’m Headed to India!

Yes, you read that headline right! On Sunday morning (less than 36 hours from now!) I’ll be boarding a plane to India. I’m headed there with the amazing team from JAIPUR Living. Together we’ll tour the facilities where their gorgeous loomed rugs and textiles are produced, taking in plenty of the cultural sites while we’re at it! I’ll then create a written journal of the experience for them to pepper throughout their marketing materials all year. It’s a dream assignment, really, and in between moments of travel anxiety (I’ve never been somewhere so exotic!) I’m definitely pinching myself! Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates and of course I’ll still be posting here on the blog while I’m away. After all, I’m only going to India—not the moon or anything. But something tells me I might come back just as changed as if I had been….!

Image: Woodnote Photography.