Black and White Accessories for Spring

As tends to happen with the change of season, I was taking stock of my closet recently. I purge pretty regularly since we don’t have much storage space, and after several trips to the consignment store this winter I’ve landed on a pretty tightly edited wardrobe of black, white, black, grey, black, and the occasional splash of tan or blue. Colorful pieces don’t last long in my rotation, and you know what? I’m not mad about it! There’s something to be said for knowing yourself and your preferences—and there’s comfort in consistency.

The trick, of course, is to keep your favorite go-to’s feeling fresh by wearing them in unexpected ways. This spring I’m loving the mix of white accessories with graphic black accents. They provide a fresh counterpoint to neutral basics and have the power to make even flowy and relaxed silhouettes feel sharply modern. Details like patent leather or column tassels add an extra layer of slick, structured polish. And the best part? No matter what the preferred palette of your wardrobe, these accessories go with everything!

Shopping Guide: 1. Accompany x Mercado Global Striped Crossbody Bag 2. Stuart Weitzman White Patent Loafer 3. Freda Salvador Oxford Mule 4. Janessa Leone White Straw Hat 5.Rebecca Minkoff White Bucket Bag 6. Nordstrom Round Black and White Sunglasses