8 New Healthy Cookbooks to Inspire Your Next Farmers Market Trip

My neighborhood, like many here in LA, marks each weekend with a pretty spectacular farmer’s market. For much of every Sunday, the sidewalks are glutted with mums and dads pushing strollers whose handles are laden with canvas totes bulging bright bunches of carrots and dark, leafy greens. Yet week after week, I don’t avail myself of the market’s bounty because of a bad habit I have: my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I get swept up in the moment, and I bring home way more than I can reasonably eat before it all goes bad!

But! There’s a new crop of healthy cookbooks this spring to put all those market veggies to use! Adding a few of these to the kitchen library is sure to eliminate the risk of shriveled chard and flaccid radishes lingering at the back of the crisper for lack of recipe inspiration. Never again will you ask yourself, “How the heck do I cook ramps, anyway?” These newly released volumes have got you covered for all manner of produce conundrums!

Shopping Guide: 1. Love Real Food Cookbook 2. Naturally Nourished Cookbook 3. Eat Vegan Cookbook 4. Good Veg Cookbook 5. The First Mess Cookbook 6. Dishing Up the Dirt Cookbook 7. Clean Soups Cookbook 8. The Greenhouse Cookbook Images source