New Modern Decor Releases from Schoolhouse Electric

I don’t remember what I was doing when I first discovered Schoolhouse Electric, but I do remember how I felt! It was as though at last someone had heard my cries for unique and modern decor options, and had answered them with a thoughtfully designed lineup of brass sconces, clever desktop accessories, and utilitarian kitchenwares. The brand quickly became one of my go-to’s for styling props and they’ve been at the top of my list ever since!

In the years since their launch they’ve not only stayed relevant but also have consistently impressed with new releases each season—and the latest additions to the lineup more than live up to expectations! Amongst the most exciting is the range of door hardware in a variety of finishes (like sexy matte black). Carefully curated vintage rugs have also made their debut, as well as handsome new lighting silhouettes and art prints. Plus there’s a just-released catalog to love, full of inspiration to soak up for the coming summer months!

Images: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.