Minimalist Modern Decor + Fashion Picks from The Line’s Summer Sale

I recently made my first purchase at The Line, and it will probably be my downfall. You see, I’m now on their email list and have been getting their sale updates. Ordinarily I ignore promotional materials, but The Line has me figured out so completely, so thoroughly from the inside out, that I’m basically theirs for the rest of my life. Trashing their emails instead of clicking through would be like disowning my own family! I mean, when there’s the promise of 70% off labels like Jenni Kayne, Acne, and MM6 for wardrobe, or Menu, Tenfold, and Apparatus for home, only a monster would hit delete!

Of course, once you’re scrolling through the goods, you’ll be glad you’re there—because it truly does feel like a treasure trove of savings. Because The Line’s aesthetic is so clean and timeless, it’s possible to shop their designer sales without regretting an impulse purchase a year from now. Instead, you’ll be telling the story in ten years of how you managed to score a pair of Linda Farrow sunglasses for a whopping $194 (down from $645!). It’s investment piece time, my friends!

Shopping Guide: 1. Tassel Keychain 2. Linda Farrow Cat Eye Sunglasses 3. Jenni Kayne Mule 4. Glass Pitcher 5. Apparatus Incense/Tea Light Burner 6. Albertus Swanepoel Wide Brim Hat 7. Honeycomb Fouta Towel 8. Images: @citysage Instagram