Weekend Lounging Essential: The Flag Halyard Chair by Rove Concepts

You know how some people have a thing for shoes or bags? Or maybe their drawers overflow with more pairs of jeans than they can possibly hope to wear in one lifetime? While I’ve been known to indulge my impulses for a killer tote or must-have heel, my biggest weakness occurs on a much larger scale. You see, for as long as I can remember I’ve had an irresistible urge to collect chairs. It started with my dollhouse back in the 3rd grade, when a 1:12 scale Marcel Breuer Cesca dining set captured my attention. I’m convinced that if my mother had bought the set for me back then—she refused, despite my tantrums—my life may have taken a very different turn. But as it is, I’ve been trying to fill the chair-shaped hole in my heart ever since. I pick up strays on the curb (pro tip: do this only in the light of day lest you be dismayed by the upholstery stains you discover upon close inspection at home); and I definitely own a surplus of seating (thank heavens for storage units!). The latest object of my affection? The Flag Halyard Chair from Rove Concepts. It’s a chair afficionado’s wildest dreams come true!

I’d originally ordered this piece for our bedroom, but we’re actually finding it better suited to our home office—the design of which is next on the docket! The Flag Halyard is Rove Concepts‘ send-up of a classic Hans Wegner silhouette, and the construction on this beauty is pretty unparalleled. Made from a solid stainless steel frame and 240 meters of textured flag line, its a study in balance and grace, ingenuity and ergonomics. Sitting in this lounger is like lying back into the arms of your favorite friend who gives really excellent hugs. It’s broad, too, which is how its earned itself the nickname “The Share Chair” at my house. In the morning, the cats hop up on either side of me while I sit in this chair and do my crossword puzzles. Big enough for a passel of furry friends or even a snuggle with your sweetie, it’s 15% off right now and available with either a black or caramel leather headrest. You know, just in case you have a chair-shaped hole of your own that you’re trying to fill! 😉

Photos: Eslee.