Talking Mental Health + Eating Disorders on Out of Line Podcast

Since it first launched last year, Caroline Lee’s Out of Line Podcast has been doing an incredible job of creating space for honest, vulnerable conversations around topics we don’t often discuss in a nuanced way online. She covers subject matter like religion, sex, relationships…the stuff that really matters but that can be uncomfortable and scary to talk about! She’s also had some pretty remarkable guests on the show, visionaries and thought leaders from various spheres in the online space who have shared aspects of themselves that they don’t usually address in their public lives. Well, as of today, I’m honored to be included amongst them, as Caroline just released an episode in which she interviews me. We chatted about my personal mental health health journey, most notably my long history with depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. It’s the first time I’ve ever spoken publicly about this illness that has played—and still plays—a major role in my life. And while I felt pretty calm while we were recording the podcast, I’m now on pins and needles wondering how it will be received. Ultimately though, I shared my story in the hopes that even one person struggling out there might hear it and feel less alone, and I trust that it will reach the right ears. You can catch the full episode here, and don’t miss the social media Q&A on how I balance online life with real life. Thanks in advance for listening with an open heart!

Sidenote: The episode contains material that may be triggering for those with eating disorders, so please click through with caution. As well, if you or someone close to you struggles with an eating disorder, my heart goes out to you. It’s not an easy path to walk, and it’s impossible to walk it alone. Feel free to reach out to me via email at, as I’m always available to chat about this stuff in greater depth. Photo Credit.