Entertaining Inspiration: How to Set Up for a Party Like a Stylist

I’ve got another entertaining inspiration video for you guys! Last week I shared the first in a series that I filmed last spring, sharing my process for honing in on a theme for your gathering. Now, once you’ve got your idea and you’re ready to bring it to life, I’m sharing my tips on how to set up for a party, informed by my experience as a props and interiors stylist! If you’ve ever wanted to sneak inside a stylist’s brain for ideas on how to create a successful vignette—be it for entertaining or just in your own home—then this video’s for you!

The key, as you’ll see here, is to think in terms of stations and layers. Determine how many service zones you’ll need (in this instance, we have a drinks station, a savory fondue station, and a dessert fondue station) and then build each one by mixing up the height, size, and surface materials of your various elements. Click play to see these tips in action as I set up for a party that is a perfect template for your next summer get-together!

Header Image: Eslee. Video: Inspo Network.