Make this Sparkling Summer Cocktail Recipe for the 4th of July!

I think we can officially say that summer is in full swing, yes? With the 4th of July coming midweek we don’t have any major celebrations on the agenda for tomorrow, but we are bracing ourselves for the year’s first heat wave which is expected to hit this weekend. We’ve got plans to hit the shore, where it’s always about 20 degrees cooler than our more inland neighborhood, plus we’re also getting quotes on a new air conditioning system. Oh, and we’re definitely stocking up on all the ingredients needed to make my new favorite summer cocktail recipe!

This recipe is one that I developed with help from my friend Charlie, who together with his dad started an aperitif wine company called Jardesca. I’m not usually a big drinker, but ever since tasting the stuff I sing its praises far and wide. It’s super flavorful and refreshing, brilliant on its own (over ice) or as the base for sparkling spritzes like this one! I filmed this recipe video back in the spring as part of a series of entertaining videos, but the cocktail is perfect for steamy summer days too—and it’s brilliant for 4th of July entertaining as you can just set out the ingredients and let guests mix their own. I highly recommend ordering a bottle of Jardesca and giving it a try by the end of the summer (they have pretty limited California distribution for now so online purchasing is easiest) but if you’re itching to make this tomorrow then ask the staff at your nearest well-stocked liquor store to recommend a white aperitif wine. And if you try the recipe (or Jardesca in general) let me know what you think! Cheers!