The Easiest DIY Flower Arrangements that Double As Party Favors!

In a one month period, I’m attending a baby shower, a wedding, a birthday party, and a just-because barbecue. There’s nothing like summer’s long days and steamy nights to inspire every manner of social get-together! So in honor of the weekend and the seemingly endless opportunities to throw a stylish shindig, I’ve got another one of my entertaining inspiration videos. These DIY flower arrangements might be my fave video the whole series!

What makes it my fave? Well, instead of relying entirely on my own ideas, I enlisted my good friend Liz, a celebrity event designer and the founder of much-acclaimed events firm The Nouveau Romantics (she did Martha Stewart’s niece’s wedding, so she definitely know her stuff)! Liz came up with an ingeniously easy DIY floral arrangement idea that doubles as a party favor to send guests home with, and we had some major fun filming the how-to together! Press play, and I promise you’ll never see moss the same way again!

P.S. How priceless is the random freeze frame that YouTube selected for this video?! Ha! Video by Inspo Network.