Shopping for Sinuous + Sophisticated Curved Sofas

Although most of my thoughts about Instagram lately involve expletives (that darned algorithm!) I am a big fan of the bookmarked posts feature—especially since the instituted the ability to categorize by folders. I have a decor inspiration folder to which I save posts constantly, and I love being able not only to go back and easily find an image that I loved, but also to take a step back and assess trends amongst the photos I’ve been saving. One of the most marked themes I’ve noticed recently is a penchant for sexy, sinuous, and sophisticated curved sofas. They feel like such a fresh alternative to the boxy midcentury seating that’s had the spotlight the last number of years!

There’s definitely an increased sense of glamour and grandeur that comes with a curved sofa, but you don’t need to live in a 1930’s boudoir to incorporate one into your home. They’re easily (and beautifully!) balanced out by angular pieces, with the resulting vibe being one of minimalist Italian Modernism. With lots of options on the market now, you can also choose how curvy you want to go. Rounded arms or a symmetrically sloped back gives you a little curvy action, while an offset back or wave-like silhouette feels very va-va-voom! Whether on tall, slim legs or squat and low to the ground, these pieces have a luxe vintage feel that I can’t get enough of—and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of ’em in the near future!

Shopping Guide: 1. Grey Velvet and Brass Curved Sofa 2. Curved Loveseat with Brass Legs 3. Burgundy Curved Sofa 4. Curved Daybed 5. Article Grey Sofa with Brass Legs 6. Blush Scandinavian Sofa 7. Grey Velvet Curved Sofa 8. White Velvet Curved Sofa

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