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Shop Modern Organic Decor Accents from Bloomist

As I’m prepping to shoot Ivan’s office, I’m tapping all my favorite go-to’s for modern, organic accents to create the subtly layered effect I’m envisioning in the space. But sometimes it’s nice to add a new resource into the mix, so I was thrilled to stumble upon Bloomist! This recently launched website specializes in exactly the sort of covetable handmade decor finds that I spot in my favorite Scandinavian Instagrammers’ feeds. It’s a one-stop-shop for the ultimate shelfie!

The  founders of Bloomist are on a mission to make it easier to incorporate plants and natural textures and materials into our homes. This fosters “a sense of peace, calm, health, and happiness”. They partner with artisans from around the globe, including Japanese potters, American woodworkers, and Guatemalan weavers, for a curated selection of elegant and earthy treasures. Plus, because of their commitment to sustainability, they donate a portion of their proceeds to Conservation International. So we can keep enjoying the natural world from which they so mindfully source their wares. I’ve got my shopping cart full of Bloomist goodies as we speak! I can’t wait to incorporate them into the final design of Ivan’s home office. Stay tuned to see my final picks!

Shopping Guide: 1. Botanical Brass Mobile 2. Pale Wood Chain Link 3. Glass Cloche 4. Handwoven Fringe Pillow 5. Tunisian Clay Beads 6. White Ceramic Vase with Dots