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Utility Jumpsuit Styling for Spring 2019

Last spring I bought a utility jumpsuit and wore it nearly into the ground. It quickly became my go-to when I wanted to look cool but be comfortable, and didn’t want to have to put too much effort into it. It’s been hanging in my closet all winter, waiting patiently for its second go-round this coming season. And since jumpsuits are still going strong on the runways and street style blogs, there’s even more styling inspiration this year than there was last!

street style utility jumpsuit

The versatility of the jumpsuit is definitely one of the chief reasons for its appeal. Wear it with sneakers, flats, or heels. Belt it or leave it baggy. Carry a mini handbag or sling a messenger tote over one shoulder. Build out your jumpsuit wardrobe by starting with one in perennial army green or khaki, then add to your repertoire with statement-making yellow or flashy white. I especially like to wear mine to social events at which I know I’ll need frequent conversation breaks; the jumpsuit is the perfect excuse for taking a long time in the bathroom so you can grab a breather!

spring 2019 fashion boiler suit

1. Basic but fabulous, this cropped jumpsuit in army green will be your spring wardrobe mainstay!

2. Thanks to a zip-front closure, this black jumpsuit veers dangerously into flight suit territory, but really, who’s counting?

3. Go bold with a mustard yellow jumpsuit, a color that trendsters are predicting will soon overtake millennial pink in popularity.

4. For just a touch of color that’s still wearable, pick a pink jumpsuit in dusty, sun-faded rose.

5. The deep v-neck of this Rachel Comey jumpsuit reveals a tasteful flash of skin to break up all that fabric.

6. This short-sleeved jumpsuit taps another of spring’s trends: light-hued, 80’s-inspired denim!

7. A wide belt and an open back give this khaki jumpsuit a flattering dash of personality.

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