Black and White All Over: Marie Claire Maison

Marie claire maison stairs writing gallery wall

Oh boy. It's that time again. Time for me to look around my apartment at the warm oak floors, brass accents and pale touches of color on the walls and muse: 'Gosh, wouldn't it be awesome to paint everything black and white?' And here are the images that've got me thinking about this drastic move–a glorious interior from Marie Claire Maison!

Marie claire maison stairway victorian gothic

I just love when an old space–in this case a late-18th century structure–is stripped of all adornment and its architecture is allowed to shine. Mouldings and balusters, broad planks and marble tiles, each and every detail is spectacular! Spare decor elements (a glass cloche here, a Bertoia chair there) are all the more appreciated as they're clearly so carefully selected.

Marie claire maison bertoia chair black floors

Let's talk about the writing on the staircase risers in that first image. It reads, 'L'enfance trouve son paradis dans l'instant. Elle ne demande pas du bonheur. Elle est le bonheur,' and it translates as 'Childhood finds paradise in the moment. It does not demand happiness. It is happiness.' And yes, that definitely deserves to be the only pink in this whole space!

Images: Marie Claire Maison, November 2011.

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  • Lee Anne

    Love the minimalist look of black and white.. go for it!

  • Luciane at

    Good morning pretty lady! :-)
    I wish I had to courage to paint everything white too. If you only see the cottage I posted today… I’m not sure, but when everything is white, everything feels calmer to me, it seems I can think better, feel less stressed.
    This post is just gorgeous and the stairs are dreamy!
    Have a lovely day!
    Luciane at

  • Ada @ New York

    I LOVE the 1st pic with the words on the stairs .. it’s my latest obsession. I don’t have a staircase in my home, but one of my clients loves the look as well, so I’ll see it developed in her home (yeah!!).

  • Eye See Pretty

    Love the photos and the elegance of black and white. Marie Claire Maison is a great magazine and also has a great website. I occasionally check out both even though I have to stumble through with my high school French!

  • Charlotta

    Monochromatic seduction Anne!
    Love the way those little gold frames/medallions have been hung. Would look brilliant in my dining room – might try..
    The charcoal black cabinet is to die for.. Want!
    Hugs from the North
    xx C

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