how to wear a quiet luxury sweater

Quiet Luxury Sweaters for Winter and Beyond

With winter in full swing and my pregnancy progressing into its 2nd trimester, I’ve been leaning hard on a steady rotation of quiet luxury sweaters to keep me feeling both cozy and stylish. The whole vibe is pretty darn effortless, since each piece is meant to be simple, subtle, and able to mix and match […]

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shopbop's biggest sale

Shopbop’s Biggest Sale of the Season: Shop My Picks!

Temperatures here in LA climbed into the 80’s this weekend! Sure they immediately dropped back to the 50’s, but not before putting a bee in my bonnet about spring’s imminent arrival. ‘Cause spring weather means spring fashion—and also Shopbop‘s biggest sale of the season, which runs today through Saturday! Not only is this sale the […]

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spring denim trends

Spring Denim Trends I Can’t Wait to Wear!

When people have asked me what I’ve missed most during pregnancy, the answer hasn’t been sushi or wine. Nope, it’s wearing jeans! Since even the most well-made maternity denim has me feeling pinched and squeezed in my third trimester, I can’t wait for the day when I can again enjoy the instant outfit cred that […]

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keepsake jewelry for new moms

Keepsake Jewelry for New Moms (and Valentines Too!)

I’m not hugely sentimental when it comes to jewelry. I lose pieces so easily, I can’t really afford to be! But with baby’s birth rapidly approaching, I’ve found myself wanting to mark the occasion with a special piece of jewelry. It’s an urge that’s come out of nowhere, and now I totally understand why there’s […]

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max mara teddy coat

Best Winter Sales: Stock Up on Timeless Classics!

We find ourselves deep in the throes of winter—and the one good thing about that is deep winter sales! Every day it seems I get multiple emails announcing extra discounts on already marked-down prices for last fall’s clothing and accessories. Over time I’ve gotten pretty good at not buying trendy stuff simply because the cost […]

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last minute holiday outfit ideas

Last-Minute Holiday Outfit Ideas for Easy Party Dressing

Even though I’ve been wearing mostly comfy clothes this holiday season (dressing a 7-month pregnant figure is no easy task!) I have had a few occasions that called for an upgrade from my men’s XL sweatpants. In those moments, it’s always nice to have a few easy go-to’s in your back pocked for those special […]

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the odells dress

Win a $500 Fashion Giveaway from The Odells!

I’ve been having so much fun with giveaways this holiday season, so why stop now?! So far we’ve had plenty for the home, but now it’s time to focus on fashion. I’ve been a huge fan of The Odells since the line first launched a few years ago. The husband/wife design team has gained a […]

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shopbop's biggest sale of the year

Shopbop’s Biggest Sale of the Year: Shop My Top Picks!

In the glut of Black Friday sales, there’s only one that truly makes my heart race. It’s Shopbop’s biggest sale of the year, and it’s the reason I set my alarm for a 4am wakeup this morning. Not only is it the perfect chance to stock up on my most coveted brands that never seem […]

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animal print coats

Animal Print Coats for Statement Winter Style

My love for animal print is a lifetime in the making. When I was eight, I convinced my mother to buy me a pair of leopard Hammer pants and proceeded to wear them into the ground. So of course I’m all over this season’s animal print coats trend! Animal print coats are the best of […]

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Fashion Week Looks Worth Wearing: Voluminous Dresses

Here it is, the fourth and final post in my series of fall fashion week looks worth wearing! As you’ll recall, I’ve been rounding up this season’s best street style trends. I’ve deemed them so for their approachability, comfort, and longevity. And I’ve saved my favorite for last! Because as my pregnancy has progressed, I’m […]

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honor md genetically blessed

Skincare Giveaway for $560 in Honor MD Products!

I am so excited about a skincare giveaway I’m running on Instagram—I absolutely had to share it here on the blog too, so that everyone who wants to enter gets a chance! You guys have heard me rave about Honor MD complexion products before, and the truth is that I can’t sing the brand’s praises loudly […]

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Fashion Week Trends Worth Wearing: Statement Leather

I’m loving sharing these roundups of my favorite fall trends with you guys! It’s definitely making me step up my game and not only get more familiar with fall’s best pieces, but with the ways that I can combine them with current closet classics for a fresh look! Today it’s all about statement pieces in […]

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