Men’s Style: Understated Luxe

Men's style leather italian driving inspiration

It’s not much the case anymore, but I used to know what was up when it came to men’s style. (It was a function of living in New York City where the pressure was on to know what was up with just about everything.) Here in San Francisco, we get an overload of plaid shirts and North Face fleece. So I thought I’d stretch my sartorial wings and hone in on a gent I’d like to see more of…   


The sensibility is Italian machismo meets WASP-ish American restraint. Our guy values high quality materials like top notch leather and superfine wool. He’s obsessed with understated engineering, whether in a bike, a car, a waistcoat. He knows the difference between a Harrington jacket and a bomber. In other words, he’s a total snob–but in an endearing way. Kind of like, um, me!  

Shopping Guide: Waistcoat, Plaid Tie, Leather iPad Sleeve, Pine Scented Candle, Leather Wrap Bracelet, Bicycle History Book, Black Leather Boots, Mouthwash, Harrington Jacket. Images: 1. 249. 3, 5-8 are all unknown. I made this board months ago and can’t find my sources now. If you recognize ’em please let me know! xo