Blog Love: Style by Emily Henderson


I’ll never forget the first words uttered between Emily Henderson and me: “Let’s cut the blog cheese together.” That was the subject line of the email Emily wrote me in 2009. And though she’s since won HGTV’s Design Star, had her own TV series, and started a successful design firm, her blog Style by Emily Henderson remains the original wedge of delicious, melty, cheesy goodness.


What exactly can you spread on your cracker? How-to’s (and how not-to’s) as Emily lets us follow her crazy adventures. Lengthy diatribes in favor of the glorious rubber tree. Take-homes that are actually applicable for us armchair stylists. Because Emily really does want us to succeed–and laugh uproariously while doing it. Her pasteurization filter is OFF. And it’s udder perfection.

Some fabulous Emily posts (not to be confused with Emily Post): 1. A tutorial on sconces. 2. Drool inducing office makeover. 3. Best indoor plants. 4. Los Angeles vintage interiors shopping guide. Images: 1. Angela + Ithyle for Rue Magazine. 2, 3. Style by Emily Henderson. 4. @ruemagazine Instagram Header Image Source.