Mother’s Day Giveaway: Flowers from Olive & Cocoa


Pop Quiz: What are you getting mom for Mother's Day? Yeah, I dunno either. Well the lovely folks at Olive & Cocoa want to help us out. They're giving one lucky reader these flowers just in time to send to any mother (or heck, any non-mother too!) anywhere in the US. And everyone else gets 20% off the same arrangement. Holy lifesavers, batman!


I adore the Lillia arrangement from Olive & Cocoa (Oprah's a fan of this wonderful gift website too). It comes unassembled, so there's room for your own creativity. I had such fun trimming a few cherry and jasmine blossoms to add to the ranunculus and hyacinth of the Lillia. Just don't tell my neighbors about where I found those extra blossoms, okay?    


Knowing my mom, who I happen to take after (sometimes too much), she likes to put her own spin on things as well. Plus it's refreshing to receive something that requires a little participation, isn't it? To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post and tell me who you'd send the Lillia arrangement to, and how you think she'd style it. And hey, it's okay to say yourself! 

Some extra info: Receive 20% off the Lillia arrangement using the code SAGE at checkout. Get an extra giveaway entry by following @oliveandcocoa and tweeting the giveaway, just be sure to let me know about it in the comments. Oh, and these gorgeous photos? They're the work of the amazing JetKat Photo. Happy Monday everyone! xoxo 

  • Michelle Elaine

    I would send it to my mom! It’s such a simple and classic Mother’s Day Gift. My mom would probably add some roses from her garden as well as a couple branches with orange tree blossoms on them.

  • Rachael

    I would send the arrangement to my mother-in-law. Her mother just died last week and it has truly been very hard on her. My mother-in-law is such an amazing friend and wonderful mother.

  • Danielle

    I would send them to my bonus mom (She’s really my stepmother, but “step” has such a negative connotation, and she’s absolutely wonderful; “bonus” is so much more appropriate!) She’s quite the gardener so I’m sure she’d arrange them effortlessly and place them next to her reading chair for ample viewing.

  • Daniel

    I would send them to my mom and then buy another for a special someone.

  • Suzanna

    I need these! I would put them on my nightstand next to my bed in my new apartment. Gorgeous!

  • samantha

    This is sad, but I would send them to myself. After just getting the official news that my husband and I are infertile, this mother’s day is going to be extra hard. I need these to keep my eyes bright and focused on the wonderful life ahead of us.

  • Courtney

    I would definitely send these to my mom! She would love the uniqueness of this beautiful bouquet!

  • Krysta

    These flowers are gorgeous! My mother would love them and I would love to send them!

  • maureen

    I know it might be a bit selfish but I would send them to me if possible. I would love to have such a beautiful item brighten up my home.

  • Grace Inman

    I would send these to my mother. She has had a hard year with the death of her sister and she deserves lots of love this Mother’s Day! She has some beautiful lantana’s in her front yard and I am sure she would love to add those to this bouquet!

  • evamarie

    I would send these flowers to my mom! I know she will add some heritage rosebuds from rosebushes passed down through the family. Thank you!

  • Kristen

    I would send these to my mom, who would surely find a place for them in her living room! It would not only be a celebration of Mother’s Day, but also of her completing chemo with high spirits and optimism this week!

  • Sarah

    I would send them to my daughter because she has made my being her mother such a joy. She has a special needs child and flowers would brighten her spirts and her home.

  • Ella P.

    I’d send them both to my mom & my mom-in-law. They both love flowers and I think they’ll probably style it in a gorgeous vase & add some roses or lilies with it. 😀

  • amy

    I would love to send this to my mom, who coincidentally used to do floral arrangements for a living! I have her to thank for my green thumb. 😉 I think she’d probably spruce it up with some English roses or perhaps Lily of the Valley for a nice cascading effect!

  • megan

    My mom always gets such practical gifts for mothers day. I would love to send her these flowers.

  • Lauren

    I would send these to my mom. She has worked so hard over the years and deserves these pretty flowers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle

    I love Olive & Cocoa 🙂 and would love to send the arrangement to my sweet mom, my best friend.

  • Rory

    I would send them to my husband because he is way more of a mom than I am.

  • hanna

    I’d send them to my mom.

  • Louise

    Wait, the person I would send these to would then have to arrange them themself? My grandma would be like, “I got this box of loose flowers, you need to call these people and tell them they forgot to arrange it!” 🙂

  • kris

    i would love to send these to my sister (a brand new mom)! she would absolutely love them. what a great giveaway & im sure any mother (or non-mother like myself) would love to receive one of these beautiful bouquets!!

  • Teresa S.

    What a beautiful arrangement!I would send this to my grandmother. she just returned to her home from a stay at the hospital and rehabilitation center. She needs a beautiful reminder that she is so loved!

  • SaSaDi

    I would send it to my almost 96 year old grandmother. She is an inspiration and I only hope to be as strong in mind and heart as her when I reach that age. She loves small bouquets so I would think she would put them in small vases and scatter them around her home.

  • Laura Lynch

    I would usually say my grandma since i love sending her flowers, but i think my mom would have a blast with this type of arrangement. We like to get little groups of flowers in quick grocery trips and now we can get some to get creative with these. love ranunculus!

  • Chelsea C.

    Oh my GOODNESS, that’s just beyond beautiful. I’d send it to my sweet Mama, who I always try to take exquisite care of (because she cares for everyone before herself). She’d probably just set it out simply on a table that was her mother’s; she doesn’t fuss much. 🙂 Thanks Anne and Olive & Cocoa!

  • Madison

    To my mama! She lovessss flower arrangements but she would add some more hydrangeas, I never quite know what she’s thinking when it comes to flowers. Ido know she would use here waterford crystal vase that was a wedding present to her parents. I think this would be a nice sup rose for her since both her daughters are off at college.

  • Caroline C

    I’d have to give them to my darling grandmother… I’ve been staying with her for a while and she couldn’t be kinder. This would be the perfect thank you for each morning’s breakfast of oatmeal and a hard boiled egg. Like any good grandmother, she keeps me full and happy. Plus, she raised my lovely mother which deserves a big thank you of its own!
    Lovely flowers. Thanks Anne!

  • Michelle

    I follow Olive and Cocoa on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

  • Mystica

    I’d love to send this to a friend who is a mom of three in New York.

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  • Sylvia

    This gorgeous arrangement would go to my daughter who is the best mom to my two grand children.

  • bargain bex

    well. since i’m currently living with my mom, i’m a-gonna say her. but really, it’d kinda be for me too! shh …

  • Katie

    I would definitely give it to my mom. Flowers are her favorite and she has a great sense of style. When she buys and arranges or grows and arranges flowers they look a lot like the photos on the olive and cocoa website – beautiful and inspiring, just like my mom!

  • Sue K

    I would send these to my daughter, who has been like a mother to me this spring – I’ve had a total knee replacement and she’s taken such great care of me!

  • Margot C

    To my husband’s mother who (truth be told) might be a little stymied at first (not to mention gob-smacked) then would make a rather formal arrangement probably.

  • Lisa

    Love the flowers!So pretty!I would sent it to my mom!She would absolutely love them!

  • Shamila

    I love Ranunculas ! I already got my mom a gorgeous orchid being that she is hundreds of miles away, I had to plan in advance. However, I would love to have these to brighten up my day. Love, love love the idea of organizing your own flower arrangement. These are pretty special 🙂

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  • Pat Schneider

    I’d send them to the “new” mother in our lives—our daughter-in-law who is expecting her 1st child next month. We are all very excited!

  • Elizabeth

    Absolutely gorgeous! I would send them to my grandmother, because I’m pretty sure my mom would kill them! Grandma has the green thumb 🙂

  • Emily

    My father in-law passed away recently, and I would love to send these flowers to my mother in-law for mother’s day.

  • Caitlin

    I would send them to my wonderful mother, who has sacrificed so much for me to be where I am today.

  • Livivua Chandler

    My aunt and I don’t know how she would style it but she love pictures so she would probably surround it with mini picture frames

  • Maureen Richmond

    I would selfishly keep them for myself and send something from O&C my mom. I just got the new catalog last week. Everything looks amazing.

  • lara

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  • Wehf

    I’d send this to my boyfriend’s grandmother. I don’t think she would “style” it, but she would love it!

  • Courtney

    I’d send them to my mother!! I know she’d keep them just as is because I can see that this company does a beautiful job with styling! 🙂 I’d love to surprise her with these!

  • Kathlyne

    These are so pretty. I’d get them for my mom. I think these would really brighten up her day.

  • Flowers Toronto

    you have given me lots of good info!

  • Kasey

    Gorgeous, Anne! Ever since that Kinfolk brunch, I’ve become a little bouquet-crazy. My mom adores flowers (she always has 1-2 bouquets in the house) and I think she’d love this little treat for mother’s day! Missed you at our Taco Monday! Let’s get together soon 🙂

  • Elle Rivers

    I would definitely send this to my mom and she would be super surprised because this is so much prettier than the run of the mill flowers. BeeYOOtiful!

  • bethany

    i would sent the beautiful lillia arrangement to my beautiful mama! she adores hyacinth, and that fragrant scent always makes me think of her!

  • Amanda

    I’d send them to my mom. 🙂 She’d love the arrangement they’re already in!

  • Veronica

    This flower arrangement is just stunning! I would send it to my mom in law who deserves it so much! She loves flowers and I think she will put it in her room next to her bed as a reminder of me 🙂

  • Veronica


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