Wednesday Tune: ‘I Belong In Your Arms’ by Chairlift


May I introduce you to the song that will be in your head all summer? It's by Chairlift, and if the name 'I Belong In Your Arms' doesn't sell you, then the dancy-bright synth beats and sparkling happy mood it'll put you in absolutely will. When I listen to it I'm transported to a wonderland of pre-teen nostalgia. Think Pop Rocks, pool parties, sleepovers at which no actual sleep occurs.

This tune has an undeniable 80's appeal that reminds me of one of my favorite underdog movies from that era: Real Genius. Val Kilmer was adorable in that flick, but I had a thing for the nerdy main character–the one who bumbles his way through the plot and still gets the girl in the end. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic! But isn't that what summer is for? So turn it up, you guys!

Recommended Activities: 1) Bop around with the kids while you make weekend breakfast. 2) Add it to your running playlist. Recommended Listening: If you like this song, you'll probably like The Piper's Song (Aeroplane Remix) by Gypsy and the Cat. Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5

  • Vicki

    Today my husband and I are celebrating 36 years together and our 31st wedding anniversary. You chose the perfect tune for us!

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