Catalog Lust: m0851 Spring Summer Collection


I'll never forget the first leather jacket I ever owned. It was a roasty, toasty brown, that warm cinnamon hue designed to go with everything in my closet. It fit like the proverbial glove, nipping in at the waist and hugging just-so over the bust. Santa brought it on my first Christmas home from college, and it still hangs in my closet today. However it was made not by an elf but by m0851.


That makes the jacket more than ten years old, and every time m0581 comes out with a new season's worth of goodies I still feel like a kid at Christmas! This summer's offerings are no exception. The bags seem better than ever, and they've recently added scarves in brilliant patterns and hues to the lineup. It's like they're tapping all my weaknesses…


You know why I adore these guys? (Other than the buttery soft leather and constant upping of the style ante?) Because for the last decade, no matter how much the company grows, when I go into their store in Toronto, they remember me, they ask how the family is, they are simply the nicest, most wonderful folks you could possibly shop with. And that feels as warm as my old jacket.  

Seriously, check out the m0851 site. It's the bomb.

  • frances

    Delurking after months of following your beautiful blog to agree enthusiastically re M0851. I’ve got a few of their bags, so does my husband, and we gave one to our son a few years ago — they’re all ageing so well, the leather getting more and more supple and interesting with wear. And everyone in the Vancouver store is as wonderful as you say the folks in Toronto are — Kimberley somehow remembers my name whenever I come in, even if it hasn’t been for months.

  • Mom

    The scarves are made using the work of artists in Montreal

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