Do More Summer on Instagram


Nature? What's that? Don't ask me. Last week I saw a rooster and judging by my reaction, you'd have thought it was the most exotic creature on earth. Lately the Instagram feeds of some of my favorite photographers have me itching to get outside more–to take advantage of summer while I still can. For example, the way that San Francisco's Colin Price (above) captures green is almost criminal. 


Then there's Åsa Liffner (she's Swedish so you know she's gonna be good). Follow her for snippets of Scandinavian country life, food, and the occasional design vignette. Both of these photographers are ones to watch for their non-Instagram work as well (nonstagram? is that what we're calling it?), but I'm so grateful to them for sharing their wild and wandering ways to prod me off the couch!

For more on Colin Price, check out his site From The Weekend. And for Asa's pro site, head here.

  • Igor

    Haha love your little anecdote on nature. Sometimes I feel just like this, too:-)

  • Sean

    haha, yes, the Swedes are always the best of the best! thanks for the suggestions and I’ll be sure to look up their “nonstagrammage” as well 😉

  • sfsdfsd

    “Mollie! Look me in the face. Do you give me your word of honour that that man was not stroking your nose?”

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    Im loving your earrings… very cool!

  • Amanada

    Love the pretty photos of flowers!So cute and nature!I love!

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  • Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel

    If my Insta pics looked HALF this good…
    I’m loving all of the green. I’m definitely going to try to color coordinate my photos. :)

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    The City Sage: Do More Summer on Instagram