Lately Loving: Jennifer Ament Art

Jennifer ament art 2

I first learned of Jennifer Ament two years ago while shooting the home of Victoria Smith–aka sfgirlbybay–for the first issue of Rue. I've since admired Jen from afar, not only lusting after her work but also delighting in her frank and approach to life (most of the wise and witty quotations I tweet are via her). So when I finally met her in person last week I wasn't surprised to confirm: she's the real deal.  

Jennifer ament art

The main body of Jen's work is her linocut prints. Their strong lines, impactful presence, mysterious allure, and often humorous, ribald subjects reflect her personality to a tea. A chat with Jen skips the small talk and goes straight to life's most important topics: food, philosophy, friendship, fashion, family. Of her approach to work, she says: "I love what I do; if it ever starts not being fun…I will stop doing it."


As for the artwork itself, I adore it not only for its charm and cheek but for its versatility. One of these pieces would slide just as easily into a traditionally styled gallery wall as they would stand alone in an entry way. Or just imagine the daily smile that skull and crossbones would bring to your face if you hung it next to the bathroom mirror. This is art you can make your own–and that's my absolute favorite kind!

P.S. Follow Jen on Facebook and Twitter. She's full of awesome and hilarious outpourings. Images: 12. 3. 4. Speak No Evil Print. 5. Ferry Boat Print 6. Eat The Rich Print. 7.



  • Julie

    LOVE all these images.

  • Tisha Green

    This art is great! I love how this artist saw the beauty in a gap between the teeth. Love the red lips too!

  • Alicia

    I love that lip print.. and think it is exactly what I need in my new apt! x

  • Jennifer Ament

    THANK YOU, ANNE! It was so nice finally getting to meet you IN PERSON!! Really enjoyed our chat, and YOU!! Hope we get to do that some more in the future!! XX

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  • Heronkady10

    Thank you for this post!


    nice pictures!!!

  • Betinah Luna

    This is how I want my room to look like.