Etsy Is My Kryptonite: Cute Old Things Vintage


Well, here's a new one. It never occurred to me that I'd want to go vintage shopping in the former Soviet Union, but after taking a peek at the Cute Old Things shop on Etsy, I'm ready to buy a ticket to Kiev and load up my suitcases! Get a load of these cutie-patootie knicknacks like clocks and rotary dial phones, and ready-made collections of old spools of thread.   


Fortunately for us all, shop owners Alex and Lena actually ship this stuff from the Ukraine themselves, so we can shop from the comfort of our own homes. I want to buy something just because I'm dying to know: do second-hand things from behind the Iron Curtain have the same musty smell as our adorable old junk does here in the US? 

Images: Cute Old Things on Etsy

  • Igor

    What a great find, Anne! I need to check out their Etsy store. Such lovely little picks!! Hugs from Munich!!

  • Sallie

    I love Etsy so much- I could truly spend hours exploring and finding different treasures =) xx Sallie

  • Candace Prokopets

    Oh my gosh! I love this! My husband is from Ukraine. I just showed him this post and asked him to guess where it’s all from. He guessed my home town of St. Louis, but quickly flipped out the moment I said Ukraine. He freaked when he saw the red pail with polka dots. He said, that’s totally from Ukraine. Sometimes we’ll be out looking at antiques and I’ll pick something so old and beat up and want to buy it. And he’ll just shake his head and say, “Candace, my grandma used to have this at her farm in the village. I can’t believe you want to spend this amount of money for something like that.” We need to get to grandma’s farm! Seeing this Etsy shop has further convinced me that Ukraine has some good finds that I need to bring back home.