Fall Color Lust: Hunter Green


‘Round this time of year, I start to strategize. The fall trends are coming at us left, right, and center! We can’t buy into them all, can we? We must choose wisely. We must resist the urge to buy those glitter Miu Miu’s that we wore only once and that now sit in the closet like sad, sparkly elves. But I digress. One trend I’m feeling will get a lot of wear this season? Hunter green.   


Here’s my thinking. First of all, hunter is practically black. It’s an easy color for those amongst us (cough, me, cough) who veer towards the safety that neutrals provide. Secondly, hunter looks great on pale and deep skin tones alike (see the aforementioned ‘hunter is practically black’). Finally? Hunter is chic whether you’re in town or in the country. It’s the everygirl’s green!


So. Here’s the strategy. Start small with a scarf, some eyeliner, maybe a new watch strap that doesn’t break the bank. Then dip our toes into a deeper pool with a pair of hunter green jeans or a cashmere sweater? I like this one because it has a cheeky personality that belies hunter green’s serious tendencies. Just don’t buy too much–there are other trends to cover, so stay tuned!

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  • http://www.candleslovers.com Mary-Candles Lovers

    nice! definitely taking your suggestion into account, shopping one step at a time because the styles keep coming

  • http://www.bohemiennes.com michelle

    I’m with you on hunter green for fall. It looks so rich & classic with a dash of sparkly gold.

  • http://www.blogcurator.blogspot.com dervla @ The Curator

    is it time to start thinking about this yet? I wasn’t ready. Sigh

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/NoraQuinonez Nora Quinonez

    This is great…I love this shade of green.

  • http://www.heartofvintage.com Christina Hernandez

    Love this color so much!! I am really looking forward to the fall weather and will be adding hunter green to the wardrobe!