Denim Game-Changer: Imogene + Willie Jeans


I spent my childhood in Athens, Georgia. What I remember most was how the downtown core was so beautiful, but essentially abandoned. So now to see small, independent companies bringing Southern communities back to life? That thrills me no end. Nashville denim label Imogene + Willie is a standout example. And the fact that they make my butt look great? Bonus!


The founders named the brand after their grandparents; you HAVE to read the story here. Then once you fall in love with their devotion to history and heritage, try on a pair of the jeans. Tell me they're not the comfiest yet hottest clothes you've ever worn. All at once you're THAT girl: the effortless-rock-star-farmer's-daugher-girl-next-door. This is American craftmanship at its finest.

What's more, our very own blogging superstar Elise of Pennyweight is the Media Director for Imogene + Willie. She shared this video of a celebration dinner they held in honor of their latest collection. I'm so determined to take a trip to Nashville and meet this phenomenal crew in person. While sporting my favorite 10-inch rise Elizabeth jeans, of course!

All images from the Imogene + Willie Tumblr.

  • oami powers

    I fell in love with the Imogene & Willie story (and Elise of Pennyweight) last year and have been following them ever since and saving my pennies for a trip to Nashville to buy my first pair.

  • rita

    i tried on a pair of imogene and willie jeans this weekend and loved them! totally agree- they are a game changer.