Online Decor Shopping: Totokaelo


One of my favorite things about Instagram is getting to partake in the discoveries that others have while they travel. When Shauna of Hiding in Here went to the Seattle shop Totokaelo, I was practically jumping up and down as each new photo popped up in my feed. I'd never heard of this boutique, so when I learned they had an online component, I was thrilled!


There are actually two websites: Totokaelo for apparel and accessories and Totokaelo Art + Object. Both are like the proprietors have gone into my head, taken my minimalist design dreams, and brought them to life. Think pieces marked by spare, architectural lines in neutral hues with the occasional splash of color, all by never-heard-of-em artisans. 


I'm daydreaming hardcore about those white Rachel Comey pony hair boots. I'd pair them with a leather mini skirt and wool blazer for work, and I'd sit with perfect posture at my desk while I gaze adoringly at my lattice porcelain pencil holder. It wouldn't matter that I wouldn't get any work done—I'd look so cute while shirking my responsibilities!

Images: Hiding in Here Instagram.

  • michael

    lots of really nice pieces.

  • sarah sherman samuel

    AHH! I am right there with you! I took about 5 screenshots with my phone of her instagram to make sure I remembered to check the store out for myself. I want everything in there!

  • Amy

    yeah, I pretty much want to move in there.

  • chantelle w

    fabulous collection!

  • euros


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