Folk Fibers Quilts and Levi’s Made Here


When I first started blogging nearly five years ago, my mother worried that I'd become a hermit, a friendless social misfit confined to my laptop. But yesterday I had a profound experience that reminds me why, in the social media community that has thrived in thaf half-decade, the exact opposite has happened. And it all started with that age-old symbol of communal harmony: quilts.

Folk-fibers-levi's-made-here quilts

Maura Ambrose is an artisan quilter in Austin. I first learned about her company Folk Fibers through the Levi's Made Here initiative, which is the denim megabrand's effort to carry handmade and carefully crafted objects in their stores. I've since followed Maura and Folk Fibers religiously and have become fascinated by her natural dying methods and her heritage approach to quilting. 


Which brings me to yesterday. I revealed my crush to Maura on Twitter and asked if any quilts were still on display at Levi's San Francisco. She checked with the store and confirmed that they had two. Which was lovely enough. Then later, the Levi's shop tweeted me with photos of the quilts! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Then still later (wait for it) a LEVI'S GLOBAL VP tweeted met to ensure that I'd received the photos. I'm still reeling with positive vibes.

Think about it. In one afternoon, I connected with the talented artist who designs and makes the quilts; the energetic and smiling sales team that puts the quilts in customers' hands; and the executive who enables the program that distributes the quilts across the country. Me. The hermit at her computer. Now pardon me, I have some super-soft quilts to go touch in person :)

Top four images: Folk Fibers Instagram.

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    This is by far the most fun and accurate write-up anyone has given me, thank you. you rock!