Make Your Own Photo Book with Artifact Uprising


Raise your hand if you made photo prints in the last year. In the last two years? Five years? (Anyone? Bueller?) My hands are decidedly not raised. So one of my goals for my new home is to display photos everywhere. Photos that I've taken. Photos that my friends and family (photographers all, both amateur and professional) have taken. Artifact Uprising is going to help.


Artifact Uprising is a teeny-tiny company based in Colorado that makes it a no-brainer to get your photos "off your device and into your life". (Such an awesome slogan. I wish I'd thought of it.) They have elegant templates for making hard- and soft-bound books, wooden boxes, and clipboard calendars that contain images from any source you want, be it your camera or your Instagram feed.


The thing about their products is this: The design is so good. Spare. Simple. Gorgeous. Looking at these pieces is a breath of fresh air. The process is simple (even techophobes like myself can make it through unscathed) and prices are crazy reasonable. Because the memories we create digitally are nice to have in tangible form from time to time, wouldn't you agree?

P.S. My girl Joanna at Jojotastic is offering a 10% discount with Artifact Uprising right now. Use her code JOJOTASTIC for 10% off your purchase until December 1!  

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    The City Sage: Make Your Own Photo Book with Artifact Uprising